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We are here to manage your technological transformation with you and realize your business goals.


QuitSoft is a software development & consulting company. Our team provides custom solutions for enterprises and startups.

We stand for business transparency, fair play and equal rights for every stakeholder.We follow legislation and help our clients take care of taxes and complex financial statements. Our Marketing and Promotion department works with companies’ communication channels, target markets, strategies and logistics issues.


Everthing About Software

We offer you a 360-degree software service with our expert software teams.

Enterprise Automatization

Optimizing your business processes to enhance efficiency. We implement corporate automation solutions to make your operations smarter and faster.

API Development

Creating secure and fast APIs that facilitate communication between applications. Enhancing efficiency through seamless integrations between your systems.

Application Security

Strengthening the security of your applications. Using the latest technology to ensure data security and increase customer trust.

We offer you a 360-degree software service with our expert software teams.

Blockchain Development

Providing secure and transparent solutions based on blockchain technology. Bringing your business into the future with a competitive edge.

Web App Development

Bringing your web applications to life using modern technologies. Prioritizing user experience, we ensure your business stands out in the digital realm.

Mobile App Development

Crafting trend-conscious, user-centric, and functional mobile applications. We create a compelling presence on mobile platforms with tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.

PHP Web Development

Developing powerful and scalable web projects based on PHP. Strengthening your web presence with dynamic content management and customizable solutions.


Developing SEO strategies to make your business more visible in search engines. Optimizing your online presence to reach your target audience more effectively.


End to End Software Development

We maintain a flawless and perfect end-to-end software development process. Within the framework of our quality standards, we provide you with the best service in the software development process with a transparent development process.

Discovery Phase
Understand project goals, requirements, and scope through in-depth analysis.
UI/UX Design & Branding
Create an intuitive UI/UX design and establish or refine branding identity.
Develop an interactive model for feedback and refinement before full-scale development.
Software/Mobile App Development
Code and build the software/mobile app using best practices and agile methodologies.
Set up infrastructure, configure servers, and make the product live for end-users.
Maintenance and Support
Provide ongoing support, address issues, release updates, and ensure optimization and security post-deployment.



Find Out Answers Here

Our company provides many software services such as web applications, mobile applications, etc. You can check our services page for more detailed information.

Our company is specialized in C#, PHP, JavaScript, NODE.JS, REACT, VUE, HTML/CSS and others.
works with popular programming languages and frameworks. Also, database
management and related technologies such as cloud services. For more details
You can review the about us page.

Our company is specialized in retail, education, health, finance, accounting, e-commerce and many more.
offers software services to the sector.

Committed to protecting our customers’ intellectual property and privacy
we do. The developed software solutions and all related information belong exclusively to the customer
and are not shared with third parties. If necessary, confidentiality and intellectual property agreements
we’ll sign it.

Yes, support and maintenance services for the software solutions we develop
we offer. These services include regular updates, bug fixes and performance
may include improvements.

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